Save On Precious Competition Time

Rack it up

'Place your bike near the end of the rack and memorise the row,' says former world champion Tim Don. 'Decide how to position your bike and which direction to point your running shoes in. Place your towel so you don't have to walk around your bike to get it.'

Time saved: 30 seconds

Lube up

'Lube your neck, ankles and wrists so your wetsuit slides off easily,' says Tim Don. 'It's best to use sticks of wetsuit lube - if you put your finger in Vaseline it'll get on your goggles. A little lube inside the heel of your cycling shoes will help slip them on, too, and talc will help absorb the water.'

Time saved: 10 seconds

Minimal movements

'As you find your feet in the shallows, unzip your wetsuit and pull it down so the water helps you remove the top half. Pull your arms out and run to transition while pulling the suit down to your waist,' says 3xTri triathlon coach Karl Jackson. 'Have your helmet facing the right way to go straight onto your head, and stick the arms of your sunglasses through the vents of your helmet,' says Tim Don.

Time saved: 30 seconds

Get on a roll

'Get your bike, which should be in the right gear, and push it to the mount line by the saddle,' says triathlon coach Simon Ward. 'Move your hands to the bars and jump on. Really push down through the foot you take off with, then swing your leg over.'

Time saved: 15 seconds

Shoe fitting

'If you push your bike with your left hand, put your running shoes to the right of your station and vice versa,' says Tim Don. 'I also put my cap under my shoes to stop it blowing away and put an energy gel inside the hat.'

Time saved: 15 seconds

Maintain efficiency

'Take your feet out of your cycling shoes and rest your them on top before you dismount,' says Simon Ward. 'Take your helmet off as you bend to get your shoes. Pick up your right shoe by the tongue with your left hand and place the first two fingers of your right hand in the back as a shoehorn. Switch hands to put on your left shoe.'

Time saved: 10 seconds



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